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Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Web Site
Project description, overview, case study analysis.
The Electronic Data Processing (EDP) website is an online application used by the various counties in California to request funding for EDP related projects for the next fiscal year. The counties request funds for projects such as PC upgrades, hiring new technical staff, acquiring new servers, etc. The website uses a great deal of DHTML to allow users to dynamically add requests and provides dynamic auditing for these items. Once all the counties have entered their EDP requests for the next ficsal year, the state fiscal unit uses reports produced through Crystal Reports to analyze the requests and approve, modify or unapprove the funding.
Administrative Expenditure Claim (AEC) System
Project description, overview, case study analysis.
The Administrative Expenditure Claim (AEC) system, also known as the CS356, is a website that allows counties in California to enter claims for money they spent in the past quarter for the business of child support. Since Child Support is a federally mandated process, it is funded by both the federal and state governments. When the counties enter their expenditures into the AEC website, these expenditures are then audited by the state and the counties are then reimbursed for their expenses. This system processes hundreds of millions of dollars each year.
California Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) Intranet
Project description, overview, case study analysis.
The prior DCSS intranet site was composed of thousands of HTML and PDF files. Many of the links were broken and much of the content was obsolete. Adding new content became a major task as several webpages needed to be updates with the new links. I completely rewrote the website as a Content Management System (CMS) website where the content of the intranet is stored in a database. The website went from thousands of webpages to just over 50 pieces of source code. Each department within DCSS could update and maintain their own content without the need for a webmaster. Postings to the website went up dramatically and the need for a full time webmaster was eliminated.
Compromise of Arrears Program (COAP)
Project description, overview, case study analysis.
The Compromise of Arrears Program (COAP) is a program to help those non-custodial parents (NCPS) who owe a great deal of back child support to the state. I became involved with the program when it was first passed as legislation. I began working on a business model that would include the requirements of the legislation, accomodate the existing child support systems, conform to existing child support legislation, and meet the funding requirements of the Department of Child Support Systems. I conducted many requirements analysis sessions where we produced 100+ requirements documents. I produced all the major designs for the system, built prototypes, and eventually wrote and tested the majority of the production code. The COAP program has helped DCSS collect thousands of dollars in back child support and helped NCPs get themselves out of debt and collections.

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